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Themes All-in @Châteauform' at Val-Saint-Lambert in Liège or in resdential

Personal Development – Time Management

599€/person TTC

1 day

Group : 6-10 people

The economic and social context is increasingly unstable and constantly changing, creating continuous pressure on each of us. Private life and working life lose their boundaries and come into conflict.

The goal is to build self-confidence, improve one's well-being and optimize relationships with others such as our
own achievements.


All-in workshop at Chateauform including breakfast, lunch and two breaks.

Content :

What is time management about?
• FPPD – a model to approach time management as a process
• Spheres of life
• Spheres of professional life
• Focus on your mission
• The desired states
• The laws of time
• Plan new tasks for yourself and others
• Gantt charts for planning or retroplanning
• The Eisenhower Matrix and Jackpot Activities
• The Drivers
• The thieves of time
• Various tools and techniques to manage your time
• The chrono-stress

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