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"Mercuri International's success is due to the high quality of the selection of its expert consultants, their values and their sense of commitment.


Mercuri International is in the TOP 20 of the Sales Training ranking for the 6th consecutive year.


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In-company coaching, in our business centers or blended learning (combination of digital and skype and face-to-face).


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Essential Selling

"Selling and achieving results"

Even though sales techniques are evolving, there will always be basic sales and communication techniques. This course offers those who are new to sales (or who want to develop) an overview of method, in a true discovery, by training, by experience and by observation in a very interactive and pragmatic session, led for a sales professional.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Achieve better results through a more professional sales attitude


Achieve better results by improving the interview structure during prospecting visits


Knowing and understanding the customer


Linking the customer's needs with the proposed offer


Leading the customer to a decision: closing techniques

Essential Selling

Consultative Selling

"Differentiate with added value for your customers"

As a salesperson, you are invited to an interview and you seem to be one of many people the prospect will talk to. The prospect wants to talk to a number of specialists like you, but says he has no preference for you and sees little difference between vendors.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Learn to position and sell your own organization and products or services in a distinctive and valuable way


Learn how to increase customer value, shorten the quote/order cycle and deepen the relationship with the customer


Give real advice to the customer based on your understanding of their situation and needs

Consultative Selling

Key Account Management

"Create the structure and plan for a true (long-term) partnership"

Key accounts require a different, more structured approach. With a long-term focus, the Key Account Management approach gives participants the opportunity to develop an Account Plan, and to plan a number of activities and interactions in order to create a true partnership.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Discover the different elements of an effective Key Account strategy


Analyze the customer situation and implement a sales strategy


Establish a Key Account


Operational plan and conduct and manage meetings with the Key Account team


Put in place the measurement tools for an efficient key account management

Key Account Management


How to negotiate with buyers who are more and more trained and who hold the power? Negotiating profitable deals requires a structured approach with thorough preparation. Few salespeople who negotiate have identified their negotiating style and prepare accordingly. This training will allow you to discover all the rules of commercial negotiation, and to no longer lose your high-stakes negotiations.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Prepare and structure your negotiation to be able to identify the real stakes of the account


Identify your own negotiating behavior and find a behavior adapted to the situation and to the interlocutors


Strengthen your negotiating mindset to reach more effective agreements


Acquire winning reflexes in difficult negotiation situations


Know the buyer's tactics and how to thwart the maneuvers


Customer Service Representative

"Become an Ambassador"

Your customer service is the entry point to your company. The welcome, the service, the speed of response, the efficiency are the key words of your customers' satisfaction.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Achieve better results through a commercial attitude and a proactive management of calls


Achieve a level of satisfaction in any situation with the customer


Manage the customer, conduct the interview and guide the customer to an acceptable solution


Represent your company and be perceived as an ambassador

Customer Service Representative

inside sales

"Empowering your sales activities through the internal service"

You want to empower your Customer Service employees towards a new value-added activity. You want to make them more autonomous with your customers and develop a new sales communication strategy, all in collaboration with the sales force.

Objectives/Content/Target audience

Achieve better results through a commercial attitude and proactive call management


Achieve better performance by improving the interview structure during contacts with customers and/or prospects


Knowing and understanding the customer


Make interesting proposals to customers and prospects


Make the link between the customer's needs and the proposed offer


Leading the customer to a decision: conclusion techniques

Inside Sales


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