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People Development

Group Coaching


6 sessions of 3 hours

Group : 6-8 people

"This group coaching brings together a group of people who are not part of the same team and who do not share a common goal. They can come from different companies or fields of activity ". This is an intercompany or intra enterprise initiative.

The goal is for the participants in this initiative to share their concerns about similar themes (eg team management) and thus deepen their awareness. This initiative promotes action and accountability for change.

Participants in a group coaching initiative benefit from the effects of social learning and collective intelligence. Research shows that the human being develops more successfully when he can observe his peers in action. Exchanges of peer-initiated initiatives increase their own confidence in their ability to take action and succeed. The power of exchanges within a group also makes it possible to identify richer and more innovative solutions.

​​​​​Workshop all-in in one of our Business Centers :

6 Sessions of 3 hours, once a month with commitment to participate in all sessions. Lunch to start and a break

Content :

• Creating the link in between the participants
• Identification of the issues and themes that the group would like to share during the 6 sessions
• At each session, one of the themes is addressed
• During the session, exchange between participants based on experienced cases and framed by the facilitator
• Sharing learning and identifying actions to take
• In the next session, debrief on actions taken, successes and encountered difficulties

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