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Worshop Essential Selling

Business School

2 days

in one of our Business Centers in Liège

Even if sales techniques are evolving, there will always be basic commercial and communication techniques. This training offers those who start selling (or want to develop) an overview of the method, in a real discovery, by training, by experience and by observation in a very interactive and pragmatic session, animated for a sales professional.


Goals :

  • Achieve better results through an even more professional business attitude

  • Achieve better performance by improving the maintenance structure during prospecting visits

  • Knowledge and understanding of the customer

  • Make the link between the customer’s needs and the offer

  • Bringing the customer to a decision: closing techniques

Content :

  • What is the seller’s place and role in the market?

  • Have more impact on your contact

  • Send the sales message

  • How to recognize purchasing signals? Dynamically exploit purchasing signals

  • Price techniques – Price in relation to the value of the product/service

  • Conclude each interview in a positive manner

  • Learning how to evaluate your own interviews more effectively

  • Formulate your own objectives in an action plan


Target public :

Collaborators of the external or internal commercial service: sellers, delegates, representatives, technical-commercial, trade advisers, inspectors, etc.



All-in in one of our Business Center in Liège (welcome breakfast, morning and afternoon sweets, lunch and drinks).

Welcome from 8am.

Workshop from 9 to 6pm.

Syllabus included.

Looking forward to meeting you!

The G2E Team

Contact: +32.468.53.20.58 or

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