Supervision of coaches in group


18:00 - 21:00

Dans un de nos Business Centers à Liège

Supervision is a secure area where the supervisee and the supervisor explore together the different aspects of the coaching or management profession in order to optimize the service to the client, ie the coachee or the team according to the profession.

It is indeed this focus on the customer that is central in the relationship of supervision.


For the professional coach, supervision is an absolute necessity, underlined by all codes of professional associations. In this context, the coach periodically reports his coaching experiences to the supervisor in order to engage in a reflexive dialogue and collaborative learning for his development and profit. These will allow the coach to adopt the appropriate posture vis-à-vis the clients with whom he conducts his interventions.


In the same way, the Manager, who is often alone and helpless in his responsibilities as head of a part of the organization and the motivation of his teams, can benefit from a space of supervision in which he widens his perspectives and explores its practices and its personal functioning. By developing its identity and position as a manager or coach, the supervision thus contributes to the right positioning and increased efficiency with customers and / or teams.



18h00: Welcome

18h30-21h00: 2 hours supervision in group with break

Home-made tapas, drinks included


PAF: 220 eur HTVA (266,20 eur TTC) to be transferred on the account ING BE 63 3770 9542 5708 one week before the date, proof of receipt.

Cancellation: please contact us 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged. The cancellation will be postponed on the same service on a later date or on another training package. Only one report allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


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