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Business School

People Management

2 days

Group : 10-12 people

Managing a team is a challenge for many managers; setting objectives, coaching, evaluation, field coaching and giving feedback so that they develop, improve their interaction with customers and become more competent - this is the manager’s mission.


Goals :

  • Knowing how to adapt your own management style

  • Conduct constructive operational interviews

  • Motivate even more his collaborators

  • Conduct professional, effective and motivating interviews

Content :

  • What are the systematics and ways of facilitating a team of collaborators

  • Leadership needs in multiple tasks and situations

  • Leadership Style Positioning and Assessment

  • Three leadership styles and five roles in different situations

  • My collaborators: analysis of their functions, analysis of tasks, evaluation of results by tasks

  • Planning of activities for the team

  • Planning of interviews, by employee and by task



Target audience :

Managers who manage managers and employees of all functions.

Formule :


All-in in one of our Business Centers (breakfast, morning and afternoon sweets and lunch, all drinks included).

Welcome at 8 am.

Workshop from 9 to 6pm.

Syllabus included.

Possibility to book a room at a special rate.


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