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Coaching Academy

Become a Professional Coach

Group: max 20 people

Description :

A training on coaching which is built upon the ICF Core Competencies.  General training which gives you the opportunity to work in a company (as an internal or external coach) or in private, given in partnership with Inside Coaching by two ICF certified professional coaches who both worked as internal coach.

This training :

  • covers the main challenges presented to the professional coaches : career coaching, life coaching, executive coaching

  • pays particular attention to the understanding and application of the ethics code

  • ​​enables participants to build upon their coaching training to one day apply for ICF certification through the International Coach Federation

Content :

Focused on the 11 ICF skills, this training also offers a series of extra modules (team coaching, internal coach marketing, emotions management, etc.). This training includes theory, practice, reflection and case study. Syllabus included

Duration :

Full support to your certification through different steps spread over 18 months in average.

  • Step 1:  62 hours/8 coaching training days spread over 5-6 months.

  • Step 2:  10 hours mentor coaching which are mandatory for your certification.

  • Step 3:  Support to your certification (documentation preparation, ...)


Our package :

  • Coaching Academy in Shanghai (3 x 2 days)

    • All in at the Anandi Hotel & Spa

    • VIP exclusive services (meditation, yoga, singing balls therapy, ...)

    • Accomodation not included

  • Coaching Academy in Val-Saint-Lambert in Belgium (2 days)

  • 3 days visits in Belgium and Holland, accomodation and flight included (optional)

  • Individual conference call with your coach in between each session

  • 10 hours mentor coaching in Shanghai after the coaching academy

  • Full support to your certification ICF, registration fee not included

Dates :


  • Shanghai:October 11 & 12  2019

  • Belgium: November 28 & 29 2019

  • Shanghai: January 10 & 11  2020 

  • Shanghai: February 28 & 29 2020

Options in Europe :

  • Visits

  • Flight

  • Accomodation

Only 20 seats available...!

Trainers / experts :

Cedric Lefebvre et Samira Blanjean:

ICF Certified Professional Coaches

Prices : 


Offer on demand

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