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Paperjam Workshop:
Management et Leadership

Thursday 12 March 2020

14h00 - 17h15

Chambre des Salariés Luxembourg 2-4 Rue Pierre Hentgès, 1726 Luxembourg

This workshop will be given in English by Mr. Allard Claessens (G2E/Mercuri International Benelux)

How to lead and motivate your team, discover the personal motivations of each person​

Managing a team is a challenge for many managers; managing and leading a motivated team is a success.

The manager's mission is to manage and lead his team; set objectives, coaching, evaluation, field coaching and give feedback so that they develop, improve in interactions with customers (internal and external) and become more competent. 

Learn to discover their sources of motivation, a key element that will empower each of your employees and grow your team.

Level : Managers/Team Leaders (all levels)

Objectives :

- Self-assess personal motivations

- Understand the triggers of motivation and demotivation

- Develop an action plan for your team  

Expert : Allard Claessens (G2E Team / Mercuri International Benelux)


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