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Mentoring ICF - Mentor Coaching

(2h in group)

18:00 - 22:00

In one of our Business Centers in Liège

The coaching is more and more popular but the job itself is not recognized yet. That’s why it is important to be certified by a federation. Mentoring (or mentor coaching) is mandatory to obtain and maintain the ACC certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Are you a coach and you would like to obtain your certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

Are you a coach and you want to reinforce your technical skills?


Mentoring or mentor coaching is a professional support relationship aimed at obtaining and highlighting coaching skills levels, according to the quality criteria prescribed by ICF. During a mentoring session, the coach is himself coached with respect to his coaching skills.


In a group, coaching exercises and simulations are conducted, commented and discussed together so that each participant knows exactly what he is doing well and understands what he has to do to develop a deeper level of coaching performance.


Individually, mentoring is about analyzing and discussing videos where the coach is in a real coaching situation.

The goal is to master the 11 skills of the professional coach that is acquired through mentoring.



18h: welcome

18h30 - 21h: 2H of group mentor coaching with break


Home-made tapas and drinks included



PAF: 190 eur HTVA (229,90 eur TTC) to be transferred on the account ING BE 63 3770 9542 5708 one week before session date. proof of receipt. 

Cancellation: please contact us 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged. The cancellation will be postponed on the same service on a later date or on another training package. Only one report allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


The G2E Team

Contact: +32.468.53.20.58 or

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